About Blu Wireless

There’s no doubt that 5G will be a game-changer; for businesses, individuals and society – lives will be radically transformed. Whether that’s a high-quality wireless broadband experience every time, or safer, smarter, connected transport systems and infrastructure, we give our customers the tools that make it all possible. The expertise of our team alongside the confidence of our existing partners and customers, means that Blu Wireless has become a market leader in mmWave Baseband IP for wireless products.

Our technology delivers data rates of multiple Gbps and ranges over 300m, but there’s a lot more to be gained by choosing to work with us. Our sophisticated system expertise, from mmWave silicon IP to intelligent, deep domain technology and market understanding, means that our partners and customers can have confidence in our promise to deliver a unique product that sets them apart from the competition, in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Involved in multiple projects with some of the biggest global names in telecoms, the innovations that Blu Wireless are facilitating today, will impact quality connectivity for a lifetime.


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