mmWave for Transport

Blu Wireless has developed a new class of mmWave Systems IP based on the IEEE 802.11-2016 protocol with long range, high-speed extensions that support the use of V-band as a channel for high-quality mobile broadband.

Use cases include providing improved internet access to passengers on mass transit systems. With rail travel on the increase, especially in the U.K. and passenger numbers almost doubling since 1996/97* there is a real need for a solution to address the notorious issue of cellular capacity bottleneck. With trains travelling at speeds of 200-300km per hour and with large groups of up to six hundred people in a tightly packed space, getting reliable connectivity to a group of moving people is an issue! Another example use case is the backhaul of critical real-time data from fast-moving vehicles.

When combined with an appropriate mmWave wave RF front end, the Blu Wireless standards-based IP with custom application extensions delivers cost effective, power efficient, high performance, highly integrated solutions for transport markets.

*Rail Delivery Group: GB Rail: Better services, better journeys and better value


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