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On Tuesday, the eagerly anticipated AutoAir Testbed came to fruition at Millbrook Proving Ground, demonstrating the work of Blu Wireless and its consortium partners, led by Airspan. The government-funded 5G Testbed has successfully shown the feasibility of achieving super-fast connectivity of up to 1Gbps between vehicles travelling at high speeds. This is not only a […]

On-board train connectivity is a constant problem for commuters. Within the current UK infrastructure, many resort to working from their phones or hot-spotting themselves in order to work on their laptops. However, even by using this stopgap, it doesn’t take long for commuters to fall foul of patchy internet access, disrupting their output away from […]

James Pascoe has played an integral role in powering High-Speed Transport connectivity. An Embedded Software Engineer, James has 20 years of experience in the industry and is an expert in his discipline. While developing crucial pieces of software which drive the real-world applications of Blu Wireless’s technology, he also manages a team of five people […]

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