HYDRA mmWave Modem IP

Blu Wireless’s HYDRA mmWave Products have been architected to enable our customers to implement cost and power efficient SoCs to support the 802.11ad 60GHz Wi-Fi standard.

HYDRA1.0 is Blu Wireless’s flexible, licensable baseband IP for IEEE 802.11-2012 DMG (WiGig®) Gigabit wireless ICs. HYDRA1.0 is compatible with mainstream beam-forming radios and is supported by the Blu Wireless network driver host software for Linux. When combined with an appropriate mmWave RF front end, the HYDRA1.0 delivers economically smart, multi-gigabit throughput, with low power consumption.

HYDRA2.X from Blu Wireless is the next generation of HYDRA baseband technology optimised for mmWave gigabit wireless applications. The flexible, scalable HYDRA2.X architecture will support all mandatory IEEE 802.11-2016 DMG (WiGig®) modes including SC 64QAM and 802.11ay feature support.

Target Applications:

– Fixed Wireless Access
– Mobile back-haul infrastructure
– 5G smart city/mesh networks
– High-speed transportation
– Low latency UHTV video streaming


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